Friday, February 18, 2011

Legislature and Governor take action on supplemental budget

Governor Gregoire today approved most of a supplemental budget bill passed by the Legislature that further narrows the gap between state spending and available revenue for the remainder of the biennium.
ESHB 1086, the early action supplemental budget bill that received legislative approval, included $242 million in additional savings. However, the Governor vetoed several sections, including one that would have implemented a 3 percent pay cut for many non-represented state employees starting April 1, and a prohibition on the use of funds by the Department of Information Services to purchase or install equipment for the new State Data Center.  The Governor contended the latter would not save money and could delay future savings from the consolidation of existing data centers.
The supplemental budget measure reduces General Fund appropriations for the State Need Grant program by $25.4 million.  However, individual State Need Grant student awards will not be affected because institutions will be required to make up the difference through local funds such as tuition waivers. 

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