Monday, April 18, 2011

Newspaper looks at budget options facing Legislature

In an article Saturday, the Seattle Times compared higher education budget proposals now under consideration by the Legislature, and the impact they could have on state funding, tuition rates, and student financial aid.
As the Legislature works to develop a final state budget for the 2011-13 biennium, one of the issues raising concern, according to the newspaper, is an increase in the percentage of nonresident students at public colleges and universities. Although resident students still comprise a significant majority, nonresident students pay much higher tuition, which helps the institutions offset significant reductions in higher education funding as a result of the recession.
An earlier Seattle Times article—which generated more than 700 comments from readers on the newspaper’s website—reported that the UW expects about 3,850 resident students to enroll in this year’s freshman class, or about 70 percent of the class.  Last year, resident students constituted 73 percent of the class.    

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